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Studio Brunstrum is a Chicago-based interior design firm that creates residential home environments throughout the United States that are individually tailored to each client. We believe that your home is where your life happens. We consider beauty and aesthetics, but we also focus on the human experience, how a home feels and functions. Studio Brunstrum parlays its expertise in interior design and architecture to personify wholistic home environments where our clients can learn, work, support others, create, love and live.

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Welcome to homes and spaces that have been created with great care. Our Portfolio reflects the personalities, dreams and lifestyles of our clients. From a family compound, to a mountain retreat, to an urban bachelor pad, or a beach getaway, let us show you how we bring each client’s world to life.

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It is the collaborative journey that we take with our clients that leads to the best results.

Susan Brunstrum

Firm Philosophy

We want your journey with Studio Brunstrum to be as enjoyable and creative as the result it yields.  Understanding your unique narrative and inspiration allows us to design an environment that reflects your lifestyle and aspirations, with a wholistic vision that respects the dialogue that brought it to life.


Studio Brunstrum hopes that you find ideas, inspiration and the motivation to explore and try something new in Communiqué.  From weekly blogs on art and travel to our monthly journals on upcoming trends and behind-the-scenes designer insights, we invite you to discover and enjoy our worldview of design.

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Collaborating was a natural evolution for Susan Brunstrum. After years of creating custom pieces for her clients, she was invited by manufacturing partners to expand her aesthetic and created Studio Brunstrum Home. Each design offers the comfort and artistic flair that give a home balance — with a trace of the unexpected.

The first collaboration between Susan Brunstrum and Julie Dasher.

The rug collection includes: Eddies & Tide Pools, Sophisticated Splashes, Vibrations and Camelia.


Our Monthly Reverie Journal and Weekly Reverie Email are designed to inspire.

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